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Weight Room



Lifting - It is required that all football players are lifting during the off-season. Football players who are not playing a winter/spring sport should be lifting 4x a week after school. It is expected that players who are committed to a winter/spring HS team are lifting 3x a week. Mornings or free periods are a great time to get this done for those who have practice after school. Suggested lifting times:
Immediately after school - Players not playing a winter/spring sport should be in the weight room under the supervision of Coach Rosko at this time.
Prior to school - Players involved in a winter/spring sport can get a great workout in from 7:20-8:10am on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and still be on time for school.

After practice - Players involved in a winter/spring sport can get a quick workout in after their practice, if this is a time that they choose to do so.
 *Incoming freshmen are encouraged to join the team at these lifts. They must notify the Head Coach in advance for safety and clearance purposes. The weightroom will not be open during spring break.
Off-Season Philosophy

The main objectives of our off-season program are built around the following principles:

 Mental Toughness – this will be developed and expected.
·        Learn to deal with setbacks and to never except defeat. Do all the little things right all the time.
·        Defeat all negative thoughts. “When your body says no – your heart says go!”
Physical Strength and Quickness
·        Weight Room – Benefits, this is where Champions are Made.
·        Agility, Mat, and Plyometric Drills.
Intensity – We must teach the 150% attitude
·        Everything is done with a high level of enthusiasm and competitiveness – Push each other.
·        Never be satisfied.
·        All out effort – All the time – 150% effort every minute, we will accept nothing less.
·        Expect more from ourselves as coaches and players.
Unity – We are only as good as the last coach or player with the least role in the program.
·        We will stress “Us” and “We”, not “I” and “Me”. Make being on the team the greatest experience of your life.
·        Hard work together equals Unity of Team. Encourage each other to work harder – the harder we work, the harder it is to surrender.
The Difference Between Them and Us
·        We do work harder, 150% effort all the time – We will outwork the 110% opponent.
·        Discipline – must live with it, must expect it, must do right 150% of the time.
·        As a team we will sweat the small stuff. The little things we do will make us Champions.
·        Our Success – Our Attitude – Our Work Habits are things we can control, choose to be in control of our destiny. Never allow our opponent to dictate our destiny.


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