Football 101


Summer Weekly Workouts

We will workout as a TEAM all summer long, Monday, Tuesday and  Thursday evenings beginning June 9 and ending July 31. Players will have off during a one week mandatory break in early August, before resuming lifting on their own. The only time that the schedule will change is during the three TEAM Mini-Camp weeks.

Players are encouraged to make 3 out of 3 nights weekly, with Tuesday evenings being the most important of the week as we will do much of our TEAM insertion on this night. Mondays and Thursdays are lifting then speed and agility. Often on Tuesdays or Thursdays we will have interactions with other local teams. Check the TEAM CALENDAR for these dates, times, locations. I realize that some players have workout equipment at home, or may work with a personal trainer, however, nothing brings a TEAM together like the bond of working together toward a common goal. Be a TEAM player at all times and get to these sessions! 
Schedule for non-mini camp weeks

*A morning lift will be offered this year at 8:30am sharp! You must let Coach Rosko know if you will be part of the morning group - once you are committed you are expected to remain with that group!
Monday: 3:30 - 5:00pm Lift      
Tuesday: 3:30 - 5:00pm Lift     5:45 - 7:30pm Insertion Practice
Thursday: 3:30 - 5:00pm Lift     5:30 - 6:15 Pass Game insertion

Note: It is understood that players will go on vacations, have prior commitments, or may play in a league for another sport. There is flexibility with these workouts. However, I expect that players and families are committed to the football program and that players communicate with me if they must miss these workout sessions for a valid reason. An email or phone call letting me know that they will miss a workout, shows commitment to the TEAM. I do expect that: players try to keep Tuesday and Thursday evenings open at all costs, so that they don't miss TEAM insertions and passing skeleton competitions, that the mini-camps take precedence over other commitments, and that they remember that football is the next season and that makes it their priority. Finally, players should NEVER just be sitting at home on a Monday through Thursday evening doing nothing; they should be here with the TEAM getting BIGGER, FASTER, STRONGER!

Note: This year the players will be off the first week of August - it is encouraged that they vacation/relax during this time as much as possible.