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THS Football 2014
Fall Camp Information
**** Please remember all players must have a completed physical and the required forms turned in, or they may not participate in practice. Not being ready to begin, puts the team, and your son, at a disadvantage!!
The following are a list of dates and activities/events occurring, as well as times and who should attend:
Monday, August 18  - **** Players must bring a lunch with them on Monday!
8:00am – 4:30pmPlayers (All) – equipment handout, testing, meetings, practice
5:00 – 6:00pmPlayers and Parents (may be there if you want)  – Team Pictures
6:00 – 6:30pmPlayers and at least one Parent – mandatory team meeting (All players)
6:30pm – Players and Parents – move sleepover gear into wrestling room (only Upper Classmen)
* Players will sleep at home on Monday night

***Freshman Information**** Important!
Monday, August 18 - Freshman players are to report at 2:00pm.

Tues 8/19, Wed 8/20, Thur 8/21, Fri 8/22
Freshman players are to report at 2:30pm. They will lift and attend afternoon practice. They are dismissed at 6:00pm and will eat dinner at home.

** Any freshman players who want to attend the morning practice (Varsity focus) may do so, however they need to know that they will not get many reps in the team portion of the practice. If they are staying between morning and afternoon practice, they need to bring a lunch.
Saturday, 8/23 / Sunday 8/24 - Freshman are off.
Tuesday, August 19
7:45amPlayers (Varsity) report to first day of camp (Eat breakfast at home, lunch and dinner provided)
  • Remember, players are required to remain at camp from this point until Saturday 8/23 at noon. All of their gear must be picked up on Saturday at noon. There are events in the wrestling room the following week, so we must be completely cleared out on Saturday.
What Players Should Bring for Sleepover Camp
Bed – the most comfortable possible, blow-up type would be best, cots with a sleeping pad work, try not to bring a regular mattress. Let me know if this is a problem, we have a few extras available.
Toiletries – they will shower. Sen and Jun in one locker room, Soph in another.
Towel – these can be put in the wash daily
Clothing – gear for practice (cleats, sneaks, shorts, tees, as well as clothes for hanging out during free time and at night)
Food – plenty will be provided at breakfast, lunch, and dinners. Players should not bring any extra food with them.
Electronics – If they want to bring an ipod, kindle, it is at their own risk. We will do our best to keep the area secure, but there will be many people around the campus at that time of the year. They should lock these in their locker when they are not using them.
Flashlight – not required.
Money – a few dollars for the snack or soda machines, other than that, not required.
Water bottle – something that can be refilled so that they remain hydrated after practices
What Players Should NOT Bring
CELL PHONES - There is a NO CELL PHONE policy at camp. This is a time for players to come together as a team. The team will run for anyone breaking this TEAM Rule. If parents need to contact a player, they can do so through Coach Murphy
Expensive electronics – There will not be time - nor a need.
Jewelry – No earrings, watches, necklaces, any of that are permitted.
Junk Food – They will be fed plenty. There is no need to fill up on junk food, when they should be hydrating.
Cars – All players should be dropped off, whether of driving age or not. Parking is a major issue, plus there is nowhere to go.

**Laundry will be done during the Camp, so the boys will have clean practice gear each day. They need to bring enough downtime clothes, as we will not be washing personal items other than what is needed for football.
Overview of Camp
Players are expected to remain in camp from 7:45am on Tues, 8/19 until 12:00pm on Sat 8/23. **Freshmen are dismissed from Camp at 6:00 each day. 
Fri 8/22 - Scrimmage vs LaSalle at THS @3:00pm. There will be a team BBQ following the scrimmage.

Sat 8/23 - Players will practice until 12pm.  You will need to pick up players and their sleepover gear at THS at 12pm. Players will be off Saturday afternoon 8/23 (after scrimmage) and Sunday 8/24. They will need to rest during this time after a tough first week.

*** Parent Social and Friendraiser is on this day - following the scrimmage. Details will follow.
Monday 8/25
Game preparations begin. Varsity players will report on Monday 8/25 at 1:00pm for lifting, a film session and insertion of the West Catholic game plan with practice to follow.
*** Freshman report at 2pm on Monday 8/25*** All players will be finished at 6:00pm.
****Lunch will not be provided during this week – so players must bring a lunch with them.
Tues 8/26
All players will report at 9:00am. All players will be finished at 6:00pm.
Freshman will report at 2:00pm.
Wed 8/27
All players will report at 9am. All players will be finished at 6:00pm.
Freshman will report at 2:00pm
Thur 8/28
All players will report at 11am. Practice will finish by 5:30pm. There will be an 8:30 curfew on Thursday night so that the boys are getting the proper rest.  Please do not schedule any family activities that would prevent the boys from meeting curfew.
Friday 8/29
All players will report at 10:00am and be dismissed at 1pm.  There will be an 8:00 curfew for all players. Please do not schedule any family activities that would prevent the boys from meeting curfew. 
Saturday 8/30
Game Day vs. West Catholic in Wildwood at 12:00pm. Players will report at 7:15am for an 8:00am departure on bus. All players will travel down together on the team bus. Players may return from the game with family.
Monday 9/1 (Labor Day) 
All Players report at 2:00pm for lifting, film review and Archbishop Ryan game plan insertion. Players are dismissed at 6:00pm.
Freshman are off.
Tues 9/2
We will have two practices on Tuesday 9/2. JV will play West Catholic at 3:45pm at THS.

Wed 9/3
First day of school. Regular practice in the afternoon - normal schedule

Haverford School Football -  "Where We go one, We go all!"

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