Don Brownlow's Cannon - GO FORDS!

The Firing of Don Brownlow's Cannon

In 2007, The Haverford School football program began a new tradition in recognition of Donald G. Brownlow and his 55 years of teaching service to The Haverford School (1951-2006). Mr. Brownlow, "Brownie" to many, was a World War II Veteran and one of the first soldiers to land on Utah Beach on D-Day. He was known for the way he started his class each year with the declaration, "You can't appreciate the history of Europe in the Twentieth Century, if you don't know the smell of gunpowder!"
Brownie would then begin the year by firing his black powder cannon.
In honor of the United States Service Men and Women, both past and present, who served our Country, each Haverford School football game begins with the firing of "Brownies" Cannon.
The Cannon is fired, and the Fords run from the tunnel onto the field of play and surround the cannon while getting pumped up for the game.

Passing of the Jersey

After Haverford School senior football players compete in their final game versus their rival, The Episcopal Academy, each senior is recognized in front of his teammates and fans by the head coach; he then removes his game jersey for the final time and passes it down to an eighth grade football player. The eighth grade player understands that the senior is entrusting him with carrying on The Haverford School Football tradition and exemplifying the characteristics and traits of a Haverford School football player.

Moving Up Day

For the last game of the regular season, the 8th Grade Middle School Football Team dons Varsity jerseys to join their future teammates on the sidelines to cheer on a Fords win!