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Varsity - 2011 Season
Posted Wednesday, July 10, 2013 by KJB for The Program 2012

Editor's Note: Chris DiBello is the only two-time Captain in modern Fords history. The last player to achieve Captain two seasons in a row was J.H. Sands in 1897 & 1898.






The Cannon Club recently caught up with Chris DiBello, last season’s inspirational leader and prestigious Eggleston Trophy  & Maxwell Award recipient. Chris reflected upon his Haverford experience as two-time Co-Captain and three-year Varsity starter while posting an outstanding academic performance as a Cum Laude graduate.


Additionally, Chris was selected Wrestling Co-Captain, awarded the Wrestling Coaches’ Trophy and he placed in the top 6 in the state tournament which qualified him for Nationals. He is attending Hamilton College this fall, arriving on campus before classes in early August, just as he’s done every year since 6th grade - to play football.



CC: Chris, you had a stellar career here at Haverford. Your reputation as an extremely dedicated and hard worker precedes you, but did you ever wonder if it was all worth it?


CD: I truly believe that you get out of life what you put in.  I have no doubt that it was all worth it because I put in the effort to be the best that I could be and now I can take away the best lessons that Haverford had to offer.



CC: You are one of four 2012 grads who will be continuing football in college. Is this a dream come true for you?


CD:  Well, I always dreamed of playing in a big stadium with all the glory and the fans, but I never thought that I could actually play college football.  So in a way this is a dream come true maybe not on a big campus, but it is still college football.



CC:  Coach Murphy really loves your style of play, your aggressiveness, dependability, your quickness off the ball. What position do you feel most comfortable playing?

CD:  Well I found that I like to be aggressive and be able to just hit someone really hard so I might say linebacker, but I would be lying.  Center really gives you the chance to punish people and it even gives you a head start.  It was great to play center and learn about the offensive line, but I will be playing linebacker in college next fall.



CC: Most FORD Fans never realized this, but you played your entire football career with a medical condition. Would you care to share what that entailed and how it has influenced your desire to pursuit medical research?


CD: Well I was born with a condition that required multiple different surgeries (four in total to this day).  Normally this condition is accompanied by others that would impede me from playing any sports.  My doctors not only gave me a chance to live, lthey gave me football too.  If I ever had the chance to give a child a chance for life and all the things in it, I would be forever grateful.



CC: Academics - you were quite the student  here.

       You had what, a 9.0 GPA or something ridiculous like that - all

       four years ? And without the benefit of being fully

       prepared( entering as a 9th grader) for the academic rigors for

      which the school is famous.  How did you ever get any sleep?


CD: Coming from the public schools of Havertown I was probably not the brightest student, but I had the work ethic.  I truly wanted to learn about the subjects so it wasn’t about the grades for me.  I had a very repetitive fall and winter.  Go to school, then practice,  then come home, eat ,and homework.  Sleep came when it did, but normally it came just before midnight. And yes  - I never had below an A- all four years.



CC: Tell us about that long-standing bet you had with your Dad

       that finally came true for you in the famous “Snow Bowl”

      game vs. Penn Charter last October 29…


CD: Well the previous season I didn’t touch the field on the defensive side of the ball that much.  So my Dad, in order to convince me to train harder,  said he would buy me a hot tub if I scored a defensive touchdown.  The day came when there was a snowstorm before Halloween and the PC quarterback threw me a Treat - the ball came right to me!.  I just ran as fast as I could then looked for my Dad to reassure him, “Yes that really just happened.”  We ended up with a hot tub for Christmas.  He still uses it more than me.



CC: Any thoughts on the upcoming FORDS landmark 125th season?


CD: There is a lot of talent on the team.  Some maybe younger and maybe unheard of, but they still put in the effort to be great. I’m looking forward to hear about the young offensive line and how they react, but all in all you can’t count out Coach Murphy and the Coaching staff.  With the talent of the upcoming players and the already established players , this season should be very fun and I wish them great success.


CC:  This is Dr. Joe Cox’s last season as Headmaster. What kind of impact did Dr. Cox have on you & the program ? Anything you’d like to tell him before he heads off to enjoy his 5th quarter?


That's actually a great question.

 Dr. Cox gave me the chance of a lifetime and there is no way possible for me to thank him enough for all he has done for for me and my classmates. He has made it all possible to excel in both the classroom and the athletic fields. It makes me sad to think that some of the boys on the team will not get to have Dr. Cox for all four years because we all know how truly blessed we were to have him as our headmaster. Thank you , Dr. Cox, you hold a special place in my heart and I wish you well in your future endeavors and a well-deserved retirement!


                                              ~   ~   ~

Complete List of Chris DiBello’s Awards

·       Wrestling Finish top 6 Pennsylvania Private Schools  Form IV

·       The Richard Eggleston Football Award, Form V

·       Football Captain 2010/11, Form V

·       Second Team All City (football), Form V

·       First team Interact (football) offence, Form V

·       Wrestling Captain 2010/11, Form V

·       Wrestling Finish top 6 Pennsylvania Private Schools  Form V

·       The Clifford W Keevan Jr. Wrestling Award, Form V

·       Football Captain 2011/12, Form VI 

·       The Richard Eggleston Football Award, Form VI

·       Second team Interact (football) Offence Form VI

·       Second team Interact (football) Defense Form VI

·       2011 All-Delco football honorees: Offensive Line

·       Maxwell Football Club Award, Form VI

·       Wrestling Captain 2011/12, Form VI

·       Wrestling Finish top 6 Pennsylvania Private Schools  Form VI

·       Wrestling Coaches Award, Form VI

·       Delaware County Wrestling Award, Form VI

·       Hero Bowl participant


·       Robert C. Rugg Memorial Prize, Form III

·       The Class and School Spirit Award, Form IV

·       Latin Honors Society, Form V

·       University of Virginia Book Prize, Form V

·       SIGNET Society, Form VI

·       Honors Council, Form VI

·       Cum Laude, Form VI

·       The Captain’s Cup, Form VI

·       The Good Citizenship Award, Form VI

·       The Barton Sensenig Science Prize, Form VI

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